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It's in our name 'Adventure and Cultural Tours Bay of Plenty'.  We specialise in trips to some of the best Adventure destinations within reach of Tauranga.  Rotorua is one of the favourite spots for any tourist entering New Zealand. With a strong history and one of the most significant places for tourist activities in New Zealand, Rotorua has a large offering with plenty of Adventure and Adrenalin based activities. 

Taupo is a must see with the breath taking Huka Falls. The Huka Falls are one of the most visited and photographed attractions in New Zealand. Taupo also boasts the largest freshwater lake in Australasia approximately the size of Singapore.  We have a very special tour which will provide you with the best views and experiences money can buy.  Taupo really is a magical place and one you should have on your to-do-list while in New Zealand.

We value all of our guests and their time with us.  To ensure you are looked after and provided for we offer free Wi-Fi, bottled water and select snacks on our tours.  It is our aim to provide you with the best tour; too leave you with a positive and lasting impression of New Zealand.  

This popular tour includes 2 of the best adventure destinations the Bay of Plenty has to offer. Challenge yourself in the tree top obstacle course 20m above ground at the Adrenalin Forest.  Get ready to smile as your need for speed or desire to fly become apparent at Agroventure Adventure Park.  You can Swoop, Shweeb and Free fall those dreams to life.  Feeling extra dearing, then Bungy Jump you may!   9-10 hour trip

Adrenalin Junkie - Land, Water and Trees   
Rotorua Adventure Pass - Rafting, Adventure Park + more

Diversity is found in this fabulous tour.  Pack your togs, your walking shoes and don't forget your spirit for adventure.  White water rafting including the stomach dropping 7m Tutea Falls with Grade 5 distinction. Enjoy the peaceful walk on the Redwoods Canopy Platform and later make your way to Agroventure Adventure Park.  Here you can experience Swoop, Jet Boat and Free falling + Bungy Jumping option.   9-10 hour trip

Our Platnium Tour for the real adventure seeker.  From  heart racing rapids to a 200km/hr freefall, this not for the faint hearted.  700HP Jet Boat ride to the base of the Huka Falls, Bungy Jump or Sky Dive all to be topped of by a 60+ Rapid rafting experience on the Tongariro River.  This is a long day that will leave you beaming with joy -and sure to make your friends envious.  Pack your togs and a change of clothes for this one.

Best of Taupo - Reaching speeds of 200km/hr
Double experience - Hobbiton & Rotorua Treat

Who said adventure activities cant be family friendly. We have the perfect balance between experience, adventure and age round suitability with our Double Experience tour.  You will enter a world of intrigue and visit The Shire 'Home of the Hobbits'.  For those that are facinated by sheep, there will be plenty to be seen at Hobbiton. 
Rotorua will provide a wonderful rounding for your day.  You can either visit Skyline and ride the Luge; alternatively you will visit Paradise Valley Wildlife Park. Paradise Valley is home to many animals and fish, however; the main attraction is the Lions especially at feeding time. Get you Family Pass today!  
9-10 hour trip

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