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Driver Profile

Hi there,


My name is Stephen and I facilitate the operation of Adventure and Cultural Tours Bay of Plenty.  I will personally work with you from initial contact right through all the organisational planning of your trip with us.  I strive to provide a professional and personal service that leaves all our guests feeling comfortable and valued.  As such I will be there to collect you and be your personal driver on the day of your tour with us.

Who am I?

Born and raised in New Zealand I have lived in Tauranga since January 2014.  As soon as I arrived I fell in love with the place and all the amazing things on offer in the area and surrounding Bay of Plenty region.  In early 2017 I was blessed to marry a wonderful woman.   Together with my wife and step daughter we enjoy a rural setting in the Lower Kaimais some 20km’s out of Tauranga City.

Being a people person I have always enjoyed being in customer service roles.  Having held a Passenger Endorsement Licence (required for driving paying passengers) for some 15 years, I have enjoyed meeting a variety of people in the professional driving roles I have undertaken.  Personally I have been involved in the tourism industry since 2014 in Tauranga.  Since this time I have seen a void where quality, service and customers meet.  With my background in Business, Customer Services and my passion for people and the Bay of Plenty region I decided to close that gap and provide a new service to raise the standard of Tourism and Travel.

I look forward to sharing my beautiful home with you and ensuring that the day provides you with excitement and true value.

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